A Weary Mother's Manifesto

mirrors When you describe the craziest-coolest-most-awesome Lego spaceship ever... I will listen and mirror the wonder in your face.

When the questions you ask seem to have no end... I'll help you make sense of it all instead of shush-ing you away.

When you go off imagining you are hiding from pirate ships... I might just join in and be your shipmate.

When you sing the first four words to your favorite tune over and over again... I will teach you the rest of the song.

When you serve up green playdoh noodles... I won't placate you with an obligatory "nibble." I'll tuck a napkin under my chin and ask for more.

When you're in need of correction and training... I will not say in one word ("Stop!") what I should explain with several.

When you want a friend... I will teach you how to be a friend by example.

When you want to help with dishes, dusting, and vacuuming... I will remember that your willingness is a joy and not a hinderance.

When you wonder what I care about the most... I'll show you the Gospel in actions and words.

When I'm weary and motherhood seems too big a task... your little hand in mine will remind me the clock's ticking.

When you lay your head down tonight... I pray you'll remember and know with assurance...

...I chose what was best,

...I counted the cost,

...to not squander this day of motherhood, but to be all here.



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