A Simple Machines Birthday

10th Bday Party6 A few weeks ago, I became the mother of a ten year-old. Number 1 is such an easy boy to celebrate. He is unassuming, humble in heart, thoughtful, genuine, responsible, teachable, and down-right charming. How could I not grant him his birthday request for a party including all his favorite things...

Here's how it came together:

My father-in-law owns several copies of Popular Mechanics magazines dating from the early to mid 1900s. They are amazing to read...oh how much has changed! (and...how much hasn't...)

vintage popular mechanics

vintage popular mechanics 2

Scanned pages from these antique copies (with a little help from Photoshop) made for great decorations:

10th Bday Party21

...and laminated placemats:

10th Bday Party4

...and a Happy Birthday banner:

10th Bday Party2

10th Bday Party3

10th Bday Party5

The birthday boy requested a fave-food menu:

grilled cheese homemade tomato soup huge assortment of pickles chex mix twizzlers salt and vinegar chips cantaloupe krispy kreme donuts

10th Bday Party23

10th Bday Party24

10th Bday Party25

After some Grandpa-led fun with pulleys...


...and motors...


...we ended the party with a build-your-own catapult kit using popsicle sticks and rubber bands.

10th Bday Party8

We used this Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction book as inspiration, but improved upon the design with our own adaptation:

adaptation of mini catapult

10th Bday Party7

A wonderful time was had by all...

...but especially by the sweet 10 yr. old who enjoyed a small but significant celebration of his entrance into the double digits.


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