A Psalm

A Psalm

A Psalm of Ruth

Lord, I have laid out my desires before you. Nothing of my heart has been hidden from my creator.

I have pleaded with you day and night, year after year That we may taste the joyous fruit of a little doe That our home would be filled with the sound of a girl’s song That four young men would grow up protecting a sweet sister.

But your answer to your servant is like a winter’s snow: Still, silent, and beautiful, but bitter to my bones. Your purposes are not yet known to my heart and your ways are a mystery I cry out to you for comfort and for assurance in this death of a dream

Yet You, O God, are sovereign and holy You are ever enthroned upon my weary heart For You are worthy Who can count Your mercies and Your loving ways?

Your salve comes to me as I step into the the shadow of the cross And gaze up to see that every comfort and promise to me Is accomplished and finished there. My quiver is full, and my only true longing is for the arrows to reach The target of You, to shoot straight and to not miss the mark.

My soul will determine to give thanks and seek humility For You guard my heart to love nothing more than You For Your love is jealous for me and wholly self-exalting all at once You’ve rescued your servant from self-sufficiency to the light of dependency And use my imperfections for the glory of Your name Is there anything greater that my heart could desire?

Blessed is the sovereign and loving name of the Lord, Who’s ways are greater than the eye can see Or the heart can feel And the mind can imagine. Praise be to Him from whom all gifts are Good.

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