A Perfect Vacation...


Today is day two of our long-awaited week-long vacation to Durango and Ouray, Colorado. When you've been dreaming about something for a long, long time you tend to have unsurmountable expectations by the time you arrive. Perfection is the standard, and you find it hard to settle for anything less. Then, you realize you are on vacation with three children under five.

In hopes of earning the title of "World's Best Wife," I consented to completing the journey from Silverton to Ouray via a two hour rocky, dusty, four-wheeling, off-roading trail not blazed by the faint of heart. Despite the bumping, jostling, and slow crawl up the mountain, each of us were entranced by the fresh mountain air and the amazing views...including the baby, who repeatedly whispered, "Oooohh...ohhh." My three-yr. old declared, "This is be-U-ti-ful!" and my five year old exclaimed, "This is the best vacation ever!" The first hour had finally passed and we were looking forward to the last climb ahead that would take us to the summit, followed by the descent to Ouray. It was the last leg...of my rise to famed-wife status.


Then, we stopped. Ahead of us was a untraversed climb covered with snow and ice. To turn back would demoralize and add another hour and a half to our trip. To go ahead up the mountain....well, we tried it, and found good reason for the road being closed. Plan B it was--in all its imperfect glory. Every bump and rock we'd crawled over revisited as the children grew tired and hungry. My husband looked over at me and said, defeatedly, "Thanks for not being mad." I guess my militant idealistic reputation preceeds me. I determined not to let my selfishness rob him of what joy there was in climbing that mountain. Yet, the Lord is good and gracious. Each of the three children fell asleep for a portion of the trip down and around the mountain. Granola bars sustained empty bellies, while my five-yr. old emptied his. Though the remainder of the day's journey was accompanied by the smell of vomit, restless children, and a big fat lack of perfection...at the end, we found ourselves in the valley of the most majestic mountains shouting the praises of God's glory. How small we are, how great our Maker is. How short our life, how much to live. How endless His blessings, how finite our efforts. Perfection is overrated...His goodness underappreciated. Thank You, Lord, for a safe and sweet passage to a closer view of Your perfect provisions.

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