A New Chalkboard Reminder + Free Printable + Chalk Review

A New Chalkboard Reminder + Free Printable + Chalk Review

The wonderful thing about using Scripture in chalkboard art is that you won't really ever tire of reading it. How does God's Word ever get old? It truly is living and active...and feeds our souls like no sentiment, platitude, or pithy saying can. 

I finally redid the chalkboard above the coffee bar. You may recall my first attempt at a large-scale chalkboard with a freehand chalk drawing of Lamentations 3:22-23. If you've been following me on Instagram or Facebook, you may know that I've been chewing on Psalm 118. I've been thinking on how God has freed us from the fear of man, how he's worthy of our trust, and how we can rejoice in our salvation...each and every day. If you haven't read Psalm 118 lately, I encourage you to do so!

I'm pretty new to the whole printable thing, and this one is based off a photograph of the board since I can't actually scan in this artwork...but I think the quality will be good enough for an 8x10. By no mean is it pro, but if it blesses you, I made it into a printable for your encouragement! (Click on image below for the PDF.)

So, I'm truly learning as I go with this chalkboard art thing  It's so much harder than it looks. (I've said it before and I'll say it again!) I usually take a stab at it, hate it, then wash the entire board off...

photo (13)

Chalkboard art

I'm all about doing things freehand, and I hate to map out, grid, and plan, but with chalkboard art, it certainly helps to at least make some tiny markings for leveling. (I don't draw out a grid because I'm too lazy to go back and clean it all off.) I also experimented with this fancy chalk I purchased recently. It's actually not chalk at all; it's soapstone.

Psalm 118:24

Some thoughts on each...

Chalk: cheap, makes super bright white markings when applied wet, good shape of calligraphic fonts, soft and chips easily, leaves a lot of dust, consumed quickly.

Soapstone: expensive, doesn't change when wet, can be "sharpened," doesn't chip or break, great for detail, not so great for large bold markings, perfect for chalkboard labels and identification, can scratch chalkboard if too much pressure is applied, consumed less quickly.

(The kind that I purchased was similar to this one, but you can purchase other varieties on Amazon here.)

Psalm 118:24

The art on the left was done with regular chalk, with the exception of the drawings of the wheat throughout. The "working area" on the right was done all with the soapstone-- so easy to write with!

photo (16)

BTW...do you see my new Keurig? :) I've always wanted one, and the Lord was so kind as to give me an opportunity to write a sponsored post that included a free one sent to me! How gracious is our God...providing for our needs AND our wants.

And, today and everyday, I'm reminded that for all that he is and all that he has done, I WILL rejoice and be glad in it. Have a wonderful weekend, friends, and thanks for joining me here!



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