A Little Site Tour

My blog got a facelift not too long ago, thanks to the talents of my friends at Park East. Some of you faithful readers have expressed a bit of confusion about how to comment and some other features on my blog. I thought I'd do a quick tour of some of the things you'll find on this site. * In case you don't know what "subscribing" to this blog means, you can find out in this helpful video.

* I get regular emails asking for suggestions and recommendations for various books...so, now you can find all my favorites at my Amazon bookstore. Anything you purchase on Amazon through my blog will go to support GraceLaced. Thank you!

* Many blogs and personal websites allow you to customize your sidebar. If you enjoy this blog, and would like to spread the word, please feel free to take the button for your blog! (Contact me if you need help!)

* If you are on the main page (all posts starting with the most recent), the comments can be found in the yellow conversation bubble right beneath the post title.

* If you are on the actual post page (only the post you are reading appears...usually when you go to direct link for post or click on post title), comments will appear at the bottom of the page.

* I do love the community and conversation that can be had through commenting. I do read all of them, and answer questions when I can!

* Last but not least, I'm dedicating some of the right sidebar space for affiliates and possible future advertising space. I'm wanting to be choosy about what I promote on this site. If you know of companies who might desire to advertise here, please send them my way!

Does that help? Please send me any more questions you may have. And as always, thank you for reading this little corner of the blogosphere. I'm glad you're here.

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