A...is for Apologize.

A is for Apologize.  The prerequisite for parenthood is not perfection. Far from it! Being a mom has highlighted some of my worst propensities and attitudes. Yet, somehow, we struggle as moms to apologize and ask forgiveness of our children. We seem to forget that authority is earned and not merely demanded. Just because I act as though all my decisions and choices are right does not mean my children will respect me more for the things I do. My children respect me when they see the congruence in my words and actions. Apologizing and asking forgiveness from my children when I have responded in haste, huffed in frustration, or dealt with them harshly is often the very springboard from which we find ourselves discussing sin, righteousness, and the forgiveness of Christ. What better than to see a contrite spirit modeled before them in their own mother?

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