A Handbag for Gen

You want to see another sewing project, you say? Well, I just happen to have one to share! You may have noticed that there has been zip.zero.nada. in my etsy shop since its inception last Fall. And I'm not sure if I'll ever get around to it... Sewing is such a major event in my current hobby-unfriendly pace of life. The only thing that can convince me to block off time and a corner of my bedroom for a creative endeavor is the hope of blessing a friend for a special occasion. As handmade birthday gifts from me are a tradition with a small group of girl-friends, I've been busy getting this ready for its little debut in celebrating the 37th birthday of a longtime friend.


As much as I would love to offer a tutorial on how this bag was made, there just isn't time for that. I can, however, share step by step instructions from over at Wise Craft for the sweet little flower corsage. It makes the bag, in my opinion...and says, "You're worth the details."

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