A Canterbury Tale

Did you know that the word canter comes from what was known as the "canterbury pace" in the 18th century...from the supposed easy pace of medieval pilgrims to Canterbury?

We had a neighborly invitation this past Saturday to horse around out in the country, away from the buzz of the city and suburbia. Saddled with endless busyness, I hardly needed an equus to spend a morning taking it easy and enjoying gracious hospitality. It was a perfect start to a whinning weekend.

Yes, that was for your punning pleasure. :)

The allure of country life has always captivated me. I love giant old trees, dusty roads, farmhouse furnishings, and a well-worn pair of cowboy boots. I love the ambience; the Preacher loves horses, the escape from city life, and the hard work that goes into an acre. We enjoyed a couple hours away from the pace of our life this weekend, as guests at the out-of-town home of a new friend (who happens to be the new music teacher at our school!) We soaked up the hospitality, took turns on horseback, and gave thanks for the provision of friendship, rest, and country air.

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