A Birthday Party In The Potager

A Birthday Party In The Potager

My potager's all grown up. Its not simply feeding our family with veggies, it is serving our family in hospitality. Our potager made a lovely debut last weekend, playing host to a birthday gathering for my dear friend, Tara -- a friend of 17 years!

As an aside, a friendship is much like a garden, isn't it? The soil of like-mindedness must be tilled, the seeds of trust are planted, then watered with God's Grace. With diligent weeding with honesty and courage, the enjoyment of the glorious bouquets from the garden is bountiful.

A garden, a celebration, a few good friends, and a mini dessert buffet in honor of a sweet birthday girl:

...some of the birthday girl's favorite things...

...remember how I strung some lights and decided to make the most of what space we have? I'm so thankful to have this tiny piece of suburbia! :)

...I finally made a mason jar chandelier (tutorial later this week!)...

...my trusty ol' caramel recipe makes for easy entertaining...

...and vintage soda bottle vases (tutorial coming soon for this one too!) add a little "welcome" to the pergola entry.

It was a special evening to remember!

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