A Belated Word on Father's Day

A Belated Word on Father's Day

It only occurred to me today that I had forgotten to post for Father's Day. What I had in mind to say, I'll take the opportunity to say now, late as it may be.

Father's Day--not the holiday, but the celebration of fatherhood--is significant because God has allowed us to experience, in the most fundamental of ways, what it means that He calls himself Father, and us, his children. Protection, provision, guidance, strength, sacrifice...a few of things we can attribute to our Heavenly Father. And while our earthly attempts at parenthood can be feeble at best, His grace and adoption of us as sons, makes it possible for us to reflect what fatherhood and motherhood was meant to be.

I can't help but give thanks for the Grace in my life shown through the love of a dedicated father, a discerning father-in-law, and a husband who's desire to be a deliberate dad sets his daily priorities.

I'm so thankful for each of these reflections of God's loving fathering in my life...today, and every day.

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