50 Simple Everyday Pleasures

  1. morning sunlight
  2. a clean kitchen
  3. waking up to children giggling
  4. fresh cut flowers
  5. forgiving with sincerity
  6. hearing the word "Mama"
  7. Spurgeon's Morning and Evening
  8. a lingering hug
  9. the smell of brisk morning air
  10. a handwritten card
  11. finding something that's been missed and misplaced
  12. unsolicited kisses from your children
  13. live music--in my own home
  14. discovering something anew in the Word of God
  15. my husband's eyes
  16. a meaningful conversation
  17. having dinner fixed for you
  18. a perfect cup of coffee made for me by my love
  19. limiting myself, and enjoying it
  20. going to the library with the boys
  21. finishing a project
  22. having a dinner plan
  23. feeling genuinely grateful
  24. to give something away
  25. cilantro
  26. laughing so hard it hurts
  27. repentant children
  28. finding a new use for an old item
  29. jeans that fit
  30. loyal friends
  31. memories
  32. freshly vacuumed carpet
  33. scoring the perfect thing at the perfect price
  34. recognizing answered prayers
  35. Sovereign Grace music
  36. turning my phone off
  37. sharing a pretend meal prepared by my 3 yr. old
  38. a dog that cleans up drips and spills
  39. sunsets on the Sandias
  40. being honest, with myself and others
  41. homemade salsa
  42. serving with the right attitude
  43. a houseful of guests
  44. sharing the Gospel
  45. running errands with the whole family
  46. sound of running water
  47. warm, clean laundry
  48. children reciting Scripture
  49. a quiet house
  50. really good sushi

...and what else? What are other simple pleasures you enjoy in the day to day?

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