37 Life Lessons I Want My Children To See Me Live Out

There are many ways to make 37 years count. Today, I'd like these to be what my life counts for the most:

1. Christ is ALL; nothing else compares. 2. You are loved by a holy Creator. 3. Perfection is unattainable. Progression is. 4. Of all my worldly possessions, I love your dad most. 5. You and your brothers are a very close second. 6. Stuff is not as important as people. 7. Put your trust in God alone. Nothing and no one else is worthy. 8. Learn to play an instrument. You will be so glad you did someday. 9. Learn to love music without words. 10. Famous people are still just people. 11. It's never too late to say I'm sorry. 12. Allow yourself to cry, but tell yourself to rejoice. 13. God's Word is your comfort, your shield and defense. 14. Invest in your siblings. They will be your best friends someday. 15. God is not looking for us to impress Him; He desires for us to adore Him. 16. The most challenging things in life are often the ones most worth pursuing. 17. Life is short. Don't waste it chasing after idols. 18. Count your blessings, name them one by one. 19. Sing loudly, whatever your voice sounds like. 20. Enjoy Him through all that He has made. 21. We get there one step at a time. 22. Hide God's Word in your heart; own it and carry it with you. 23. Sin will never make you happy. 24. Always try new foods...there is so much world out there to experience. 25. Wherever you are, really be there. 26. If you're gonna boast, boast in Christ alone. 27. Freedom always comes at a price. 28. Go outside. Every leaf, every cloud whispers His name. 29. You can honor the Lord with any little thing you do. 30. Joy is a choice. 31. Look people in the eye, and give them your full attention. 32. It's not about you. It really isn't. 33. Don't let pride barricade you, because it will. 34. Listen to your dad. He's the wisest man I know. 35. No matter what joy or what pain, I always have time to listen to you. 36. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. 37. Remember faith, hope, and Love, but that the greatest of these is Love.



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