35 Reasons To Celebrate My Husband


My love turns thirty five today. He is currently in Spain, spending his birthday planning and ministering on behalf of our church with hopes of starting some ministries there this summer. While absence forges the heart fonder, the many would-be hours spent with the one you love quickly converts to thoughts upon thoughts of him, and only him. Here are thirty five reminders (in no particular order) of why I love my husband. Happy birthday, babe.

1. He shows his love for Jesus in practice. 2. He gives THE best massages. 3. He reads The Chronicles of Narnia to the boys even when he's tired. 4. He helps with dishes even when he's tired. 5. He listens to my concerns, even when he's tired. 6. He honors his parents, and my parents too. 7. He loves to read history. 8. He actively participates in homeschooling. 9. He loves to study the Word of God. 10. He is a gentle but forthright teacher and counselor. 11. He challenges himself in everything. 12. He loves to learn languages. 13. He tries any food from any country....including duck tongue, mopani worms, biltong, and kimchee. 14. He is stronger than he appears. 15. He can distinguish various instrument tracks in any song. 16. He reads books written by dead people. 17. He is humble. 18. He earns respect and authority as dad. 19. He changes dirty diapers. 20. He gets up in the night with crying children. 21. He is THE renaissance man. 22. He never gives up on people. 23. He loves anything outdoors. 24. He doesn't let fear get in the way. 25. He makes breakfast every day. 26. He gives sincere hugs. 27. He is a truly loyal friend. 28. He never compromises. 29. He is a diligent worker. 30. He looks good in Gap jeans. 31. He is famous for his puns. 32. He loves to make someone feel at home. 33. He cries. 34. He is consistant and steady. 35. He makes me want to be a better woman.

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