34 and 43

Today, September 8, is a special day.  It is the wedding anniversary for both my parents, Thomas and JC, and my husband's parents, Jim and Linda.  My parents are celebrating 34 years today and my in-laws are celebrating 43 years.  Now that Troy and I have loved and learned through 10 years of marriage, we can only respect and admire with thanksgiving the amazing commitment that our parents' anniversaries represent.  We also see the great mercy and lovingkindness of Christ evidenced in these commited unions.  In the marriages of both our parents we have witnessed the choice to serve and sacrifice over the years.  Troy and I are both so very thankful for parents who have walked the road we are on, and have come out the other side still holding hands and best of friends.

We wish you the most joyous anniversary, Mom and Dad; Ma Ma and Ba Ba!  May this day be a reminder to you of our Lord's goodness and his blessings to our families.  We love you!

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