1st Day of School

A dream realized. To envision, research, labor, revise, fundraise, pray, face trials, stay focused, commit, risk, and sacrifice for well over a year--and to see it all in the reflection of students, textbooks, lesson plans, math manipulatives, Latin chants, praying parents, lunchboxes, excellent faculty, and a very smooth first day of school--well, that is beyond dreaming, but the reality of the power of God. It's difficult to capture in words or photographs the significance of this day for those who serve as founding board members at Oak Grove Classical Academy. I suppose I have a double blessing as I experience the joy of seeing the school come to fruition, and that of a parent who's hope for the best in both homeschooling and private classical schooling is finally realized. All aspirations and excellence aside, the most telling moment, perhaps, was found in Caleb's responses to his first day of 2nd grade: "I had the best time. Thank you so much, Ma Ma, for sending me to Oak Grove." Here are some more highlights:

*Packing a lunch with a special note for Caleb to read. I cracked up when he said after school: "Ma Ma, can you not pack me such a big lunch on Thursday--I only have twenty minutes!"

*Parents were encouraged to stay after taking their children to class today to pray over the school and their kids' first day. It was so neat to see us all come together in prayer and thanksgiving.

*I think I had more to adjust to than Caleb: "I missed you so much today, Caleb!" "I thought about you all day, Ma Ma. And I missed my brothers too--but that's how it's gonna be two days a week--so you should probably prepare yourself."

*Caleb is a grade ahead due to homeschooling at his own pace for K and 1st. I was a bit concerned about him keeping up in 2nd...unnecessarily: "Caleb, were you nervous at all? Did you ever struggle to keep up in class?" "No, Ma Ma, I did great! I just worked as fast as I could without making mistakes."

*To see my humble husband in the role of Headmaster. It never ceases to amaze me how our Father transforms people in spite of themselves.

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