13 years ago, we stood before friends and family, and made a commitment before God that was greater than we could have realized then. We moved several states away in discovery of "us."

12 years ago, we left seminary, hoping to learn how to model the Gospel first in our newborn marriage...and moved again. We bought our first house and sought to make it a home.

11 years ago, we miscarried and floundered in a sweet, small town, trying to discover who "we" were.

10 years ago, we were called to ministry...and moved again. We bought our second house, and began truly building the foundation of our marriage.

9 years ago, our Number 1 made us parents. You took a trip to Zimbabwe and my parents moved to Canada. We were becoming "us."

8 years ago, we took the college kids to Chile. Your heart grew large for God's Word.

7 years ago, Number 2 made us a family of 4. We faced challenges in ministry and broken relationships.

6 years ago, we went to India, came home with conviction, and started a church. God saw fit to use and transform our weaknesses and meager efforts.

5 years ago, we fell in love with Number 3. I never thought I'd have 3 boys at the time. :)

4 years ago we started a school, believing that nothing happens by chance. Number 3 gave us ample opportunity to pray for strength and wisdom in parenting. Somewhere along the road, we had become undeniably "us."

3 years ago, we anticipated the arrival of Number 4 with sheer joy though in the midst of life's many pressures and demands. God delivers joy in the midst of trials.

2 years ago, we find ourselves in a painful season, yet God reminds us that he's ever-faithful.

One year ago we were overwhelmed at the joy of expecting Number 5. It would prove to be the most difficult pregnancy, as we rediscovered who we were striving to be, in sickness and in health, in strain and in ease.

Today I am thankful that it's you I've shared these moments with. The growing, struggling, questioning, loving, discovering, trusting, laughing, forgiving, pursuing, and choosing...

I would and will do it all again. Happy Anniversary, my Beloved.

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