10 Years Ago Today {Celebrating Liam}

10 Years Ago Today {Celebrating Liam}

Ten years ago today, our second boy was born, arriving the speediest out of all six of the boys. His birth was so unexpectedly quick that I barely made it onto the hospital bed before he slipped out and into Troy's arms. (15 minutes total at the hospital!) It was just the three of us. Nurses came rushing in soon after, but for a few short minutes, it was just us...in awe of the miracle of Liam.

Tonight, at dinner, we went around the table and each shared what we love about Liam. 

"He is a good brother."

"Liam is patient with me."

"Liam encourages me when I am grumpy."

"His laugh is contagious."

"Liam is artistic and super creative."

"I love that Liam is thoughtful and considerate of others."

"He makes yummy breakfasts."

"I love his jokes."

But Troy and I both agree...the most encouraging thing about our 10 year old is that we can see Jesus at work in his life. We can see Liam's eyes alert and responding to what he sees and hears from God's Word. We watch him ask for forgiveness. We see his soul stirred, his conscience moved. We see him stoop down low to help his young brothers tie shoes and pick up spilled cheerios. We've noticed how much he's grown into a multi-faceted young man. 

He and I went to the grocery store by ourselves the other night to shop for birthday party menu items. It was a late night date- just he and I. And, there on the boxed cake aisle, we laughed and joked about the various flavor combinations, and how indecisive we were: Like mother like son. 

And I looked at him and said, "I LIKE you so much. You are so fun to hang out with."

After 15 minutes of deliberating frosting colors, flavors, and cake accessories, we settled on a decision of lemon cake and fun blue raspberry frosting. It was the most thought out decision for two creative types. Feeling proud of ourselves for making a decision, we walked through the produce area, and both of us spied a pre-made strawberry and whipped cream cake in the refrigerated section. 

We looked at each other and laughed. He ran and put back all the ingredients we spent 15 minutes to decide upon, and we giggled at the wisdom of purchasing a cake at this hour of night. I experienced a little bit of his humor, wit, and unassuming nature that night. And I was more than delighted and proud to be out with my son.

A son, who at 10 still held my hand in a grocery store. 

"Will you try and still hold my hand occasionally when you get older?" I said, as we headed to the car.

"Oh Mama. Of course I will (eye roll)...I'll always be your son."

Lately, I've been taking longer looks at him, listening a little closer, and laughing a little louder. It's passing by way to fast. Happiest 10th birthday to my one and only Number 2, Liam. 

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