10 Things You Should Know About Me

In a few weeks, I will be attending my first blogging conference. It is such a blessing to have an opportunity to finally meet some of my dear online friends and colleagues in person. Three of these special ladies will be my roommates: Kara from The Chuppies, Rachel from RachelWojo.com, and Kelly from The Nourishing Home. I'm joining in with other attendees to share 10 things our roomies should know about us. So...here they are, 10 things you may or may not know about me...

1. I'm not so good at small talk, especially about sports and entertainment. I don't watch The Office, Downton Abbey, or Breaking Bad, so attempting to talk to me about these, or any show on primetime is a waste of time. I never know what team is playing who, or what sport is even in season, so please, I beg you...don't try and break the ice with such conversations. :)

2. I am a total foodie. I love to cook, love to eat, and love to describe most experiences in life in culinary terms or expressions. For example, I've been known to say, "Your baby is so delicious I could eat him up with a dollop of whipped cream!"

3. English is my second language, even though it is my dominant language. Don't be surprised if I get English idiomatic expressions all wrong: "It's not my bag of tea." or "You're twisting my leg."

4. I consider shopping and finding deals my hidden talent. I especially enjoy styling and shopping for others, so don't hesitate to ask me to hunt for that one thing you've been looking for.

5. I'm an extrovert masquerading as an introvert. Something about motherhood and the demands of this season of life has sobered me up and quieted me down, I tend to be guarded and shy in big groups these day. However, in smaller groups, I have a serious history of impersonating people, laughing too loud, and showing off my interpretive dancing skills late at night. You've been warned.

6. I may snore. Especially during pregnancy when my sinuses are working extra hard. The husband is having a tough time confirming this one way or another, as he's been so beat lately, he's sleeping through anything. :) I'm sorry if I do. But, I promise I don't sleepwalk, sleeptalk, cuddle, or sprawl across the middle of the bed!

7. I'm not too good about exercise. In fact, working out is only tolerable when chatting with a friend or watching an HGTV or cooking show. So, I'll be counting on Kara to take me on a walk while we get caught up. :) I want to love exercise, especially since I'm married to a super disciplined workout guru...unfortunately, he's just not into gabbing while he works out!

8. I'm really not a fan of board games. Cards or SRABBLE, yes, but LIFE, CLUE, MONOPOLY...not so much.  I have trouble with remembering the rules, the strategy, or the point of most board games, so that probably has something to do with it.

9.  I can eat chips and salsa any time of day. That, and kettle corn. I'm also never NOT in the mood for sushi.

10. I am pretty girly, but living with six guys has really made me an expert on all things Bear Grylls, guns, LEGOS, jeeping, military, and dirty socks.

Well, that's 10 slightly obscure things about myself! I'm sure those of you who know me in real life are not surprised in the least. What about you? What is something you'd want me to know about you if we were going to be roomies for a few days? I'd love to know!

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