10 Things To Remember When Your Child Is Disobedient

10 Things To Remember When Your Child Is Disobedient

Here are 10 Things I had to remind myself today when the job of correcting my children felt especially difficult...

1. You disobey the Lord...and He is the perfect Father.

2. His kindness leads us to repentance.

3. God disciplines those He loves.

4. Your child's disobedience does not measure your value any more than his obedience showcases your achievement.

5. Your child's disobedience teaches you dependence on God.

6. And sometimes it's more than dependence He's after, it's complete desperation for Him.

7. Your child is clearly a sinner, and needs to hear the truth of the Gospel, and see it lived out through you.

8. Times of correction serve to remind, or establish within your child, his own sense of need for a Savior.

9. It's not good behavior you really desire...you want his heart.

10. Your child is a person, not a project.

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