Wasabi Salmon and Soba

September 04, 2007

Wasabi Salmon and Soba

Maybe I need to change the name of this weblog to "Fast and Furious Gourmet." Here's another quick lunch option I threw together with leftovers. It's like a cooked sushi noodle bowl.

Cook the noodles according to the packaging, drain, and run under cold water to cool. Lightly toss with sesame oil if you need it to sit a bit. When ready to serve divide among bowls.

Make sauce: Combine sugar, water, wasabi, and soy sauce; mix well.

Divvy up the salmon to your liking, add the cucumber strips, and pour a bit of sauce in each bowl. Garnish with ginger if you want to. Sprinkle (in my case, generously) with the furimake. Instant sushi bar...at home.

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