Cranberry Herbal Cooler

Cranberry Herbal Cooler

Summertime Beverage Series |

I know this is part of the Summertime Beverage Series, but really, this is one of my faves all year round. One of our favorite local spots for good eats with good ingredients is Flying Star Cafe. This herbal cooler is a knock-off their signature drink, "Red Stuff." At around $5 for 24 ounces or so, it's an expensive habit that rivals the elusive venti Frappucinos. I think my version is pretty spot on, so go ahead and get you refresh and cool on.

  • 64 ounces Cranberry juice/blend or cocktail (more if you like it sweeter, I tend to like mine on the lighter side)
  • 6 cups water 10 bags of Celestial Seasonings "Red Zinger" herbal tea
  • 4 bag of Peppermint herbal tea (I got mine at Trader Joe's) Ice
Cranberry Herbal Cooler |


Boil water and steep your tea bags for an hour. Remove teabags when fully steeped. It will be strong!


Fill a 4 quart pitcher half full with ice. Combine steeped tea and cranberry cocktail with the ice. Stir and enjoy! (You can add more cranberry juice/cocktail to taste!)

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