Studio Seconds Surprise Pack - 8x10

Occasionally, we accumulate a small inventory of studio seconds - products identical to what's in stock in the shoppe except for slight imperfections. Sometimes appearing as a small spot, ding, or dent, these imperfections are often hardly noticeable. Studio Seconds Surprise Packs are an incredible opportunity to get an amazing deal on assorted GraceLaced Shoppe products!

This surprise pack contains items that are randomly selected by our team. You won't know what designs are included until it arrives at your door, but we're certain you'll be delighted with what you receive! This pack contains:

  • 2 8x10 Prints
  • 1 5x7 Print
  • 1 Journal
  • 1 Notecard + Envelope

All items are randomly selected; actual contents may differ from designs in photo. Because these packs are so deeply discounted, no additional discount codes apply and they cannot be replaced if lost or damaged in shipping.

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Make sure to check our current shipping timeframes before completing your purchase.

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