GraceLaced Warehouse Manager

Position Description: Warehouse Manager

GraceLaced exists to facilitate the intersection of beauty and truth in a creative medium. The Warehouse Manager supports this work through order management and all things shipping for GraceLaced. This includes shipping coordination, warehouse organization, inventory management and facility/property assistance.

Location: On-site in Durango, CO

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Warehouse Manager


  • Coordinate the processing and incoming shipments and the packaging of outgoing shipments
  • Ship all orders out in a timely fashion (within 7 days of order being placed)
  • Split orders that contain drop-shipped products, and place orders for drop shipped products in a timely manner (within 2-3 days of order being placed).
  • Prep products and packages for our seasonal items (calendars) based on previous year’s sales.


  • Keep warehouse stocked with supplies (see: order management)
  • Maintain tidiness and organization in warehouse, ie: keep clean, put products/supplies away each day)

Inventory and Order Management:

  • Keep track of inventory in warehouse and in Shopify
  • Do complete inventory checks minimum 3 times a year
  • Order and process (sleeve) prints as needed
  • Order and maintain inventory of published products (books, stationary, etc - see next tab)
  • Maintain contact with Harvest House, Harper Collins, Crossway, and Lifeway for ordering purposes.
  • Order and maintain an adequate supply of basic warehouse and shipping materials (packaging, tape, etc)
  • Coordinate Personalized Prints and assign to Ruth

Vendor Events:

  • Arrange for on-time ordering/shipping of vendor booth items and products for Ruth’s events
  • Pack products and supplies for all vending events

Resolutions and Customer Service:

  • Check PO Box in Hesperus at least once a week for any returns
  • Communicate with the Studio Manager (Camille) regarding any returns.
  • Ship out any manual orders (damaged products, missing items, gifts from Ruth, etc)
  • File claims with USPS + Fedex for any damaged/missing orders/lost packages

Facility Operations:

  • Assist the COO with any maintenance/errands/projects related to the property
  • Help schedule seasonal workers for busier shipping seasons
  • Aid with seasonal groundskeeping and property management as needed
  • Assist with the moving of heavier products as they arrive on sight
  • Assist with improvements needed to the studio + property

Hours and expectations:

  • This position is a 35 hr/week position.
  • Regular work hours must be maintained with proactive communication for any changes in regularly scheduled hours.
  • Work hours must be submitted in a timely manner for payroll processing

To apply, please submit resume and cover letter to