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GraceLaced blog was born in the summer of 2007 out of my simple desire to find God’s grace laced through everyday life—to purposefully consider how my faith could intersect with all the seemingly mundane in life. At the time, I was a wife of nine years, a mother to three young boys, a church-planting pastor’s wife, and a stay-at-home mom who had died to a few dreams along the way. With a degree in fine arts, a love of writing, and graduate work at seminary, life had turned out differently than I had anticipated. And so I wrote in the evenings, captured photos of all that was growing in and outside of her home life, and sought to find the thread that linked each seemingly mundane moment with the character of God and His work in my life...the thread of the gospel woven in the fabric of life’s story.

In the Fall of 2013, with baby boy number six on my lap, I joined a 31-day blogging challenge hosted by the Nesting Place. The theme I chose for the month was “Drawing Close,” which combined two of my passions: drawing/painting and nearness to God. I had recently joined Instagram and faithfully posted each day’s #drawingclose offering with a small insight about walking with the Lord in connection with my artwork. By the month’s end, I had received requests to purchase my art. I had found new energy for drawing and painting, even with little ones in tow, because the artwork was now born out of a desire to reflect the Creator and not to fulfill my own dreams.

GraceLaced Shoppe opened its online doors in November 2013. To my surprise, the work and words began to spread and gain audience worldwide. Today, I’m still the sole painter and the accompanying truth-teller behind the art in GraceLaced Shoppe and GraceLaced blog, championed by a small but mighty staff including my husband, Troy, who serves as Chief Operations Officer to the brand (but Chief Encouragement Officer to me!) My team makes it possible for me to stay at the creative helm of the company while embracing how #motherhoodissanctifying with my six young sons at home. There, I continue to find grace laced through the everyday.

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