He's Not Through With Us Yet {When Motherhood is Sanctifying}

He's Not Through With Us Yet {When Motherhood is Sanctifying}

Weary Mama, this is encouragement that might not sound like it yet:

Maybe one of the hardest things about parenting is the mirror it holds to our most blatant weaknesses and not-so-obvious sin. Maybe when we say, "Stop bickering over who's right!" we end up finding that same warring pride within ourselves. Maybe when we sigh in frustration, we're really wishing everything could just be perfect, right now. Maybe when we try and coerce and convince contrition, we're forgetting that it's God's kindness + mercy that led US to repentance. And maybe, in that little face that complains, shows defiance, apathy, or annoyance, is the reflection of our own heart attitudes before a merciful Savior: So quick to pout and despair when He doesn't allow things to go our way, stomping our feet at others having what we think we deserve...

So, weary mama, don't give in to pouting or despairing tonight if our children aren't "there" yet, if the house isn't quite clean "enough," or when our Father hasn't allowed things to turn out the way we had hoped.

He's not through with us yet friend, praise Him, and run TO Him and not AWAY when motherhood is sanctifying, because more than anything tonight (more than well-behaved children, empty laundry hampers, and checked off schedules)....He's after your heart after all. 

Because of grace,

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