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I'm honestly not sure why none of my friends told me about this. A few of my girlfriends head to Target at least three times a week, but it took a sweet gal at the Target Cafe to tell me that I could be saving money on all the things that I buy all the time at Target, with a little app called Cartwheel. I'm sure my friends have known about this all along; they were just holding out on me.

I was starting my Target trip (with six kids) off right: with Icees, soft pretzels, and a bag of popcorn to share. If you're going to shop at Target with six boys, you might as well make it an event. And, just as I was starting to fuss about the cost of all the treats adding up, I was introduced to Cartwheel, which just so happened to be offering discounts on soft pretzels and popcorn.


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