Winter: Hope in God's Character

Winter: Hope in God's Character

If you're like me and right now just trying to smile your way through 5 feet of snow in your front yard, cabin fever, and single digit temps, join me in preaching to your own heart that GOD is the One who sustains us. Even in winter.

Winter in Colorado truly is a beautiful sight to behold. Creation feels still and calm and quiet. But it can also feel cold and dead and unproductive... like nothing living will ever come from the hard ground. When we’re tired of waiting and unable to see what growth may come. We have to rest in who He is and not in who we are by nature.

In GraceLacedI wrote about winter being the season of life where we sometimes find our sense of hope trampled down.

In the end, it's God's character that will break through the harsh cold of winter as He steps in to carry our burdens.

He is our hope! And when we are reminded of His character, we'll find true rest as we wait for spring.

Maybe, this year's physical winter finds you in a personal spiritual winter, too. If so, can I encourage you with some of the characteristics of God? Of who He is, to bring hope and rest?

He is our refuge

Psalm 91:4
He Will Cover You

He is faithful

Philippians 1:6
He Who Began a Good Work

He is sufficient

2 Corinthians 12:9
Power Made Perfect

He is good 

Lamentations 3:23
New Every Morning

He is present

Isaiah 41:10
His Eye is On the Sparrow 

He is near

Psalm 34:18
Near To the Brokenhearted

He is wise

Psalm 119:105
Light for My Path

He is merciful

Psalm 3:3-4
Lifter of My Head

He is powerful

1 John 4:4
He is Greater

He is sovereign

Habakkuk 3:19
Sovereign Lord

He is forgiving

Hebrews 4:16
Draw Near

He is loving

Zephaniah 3:17
By His Love

He is kind 

Ephesians 4:32
Be Kind

He is gracious

Number 6:24-26
Benediction Print

He is our Shepherd

Savior Like A Shepherd Print

 Friends, this list is just scratching the surface of who God is!

He is infinite and we cannot exhaust knowing Him.

Each new revelation of His character brings us hope and rest. In her book, None Like Him, my friend Jen Wilkin puts it like this: 

"Knowing who God is matters to us.... But how much do we know of him? Because he is limitless, the knowledge of who he is stretches to infinity. God is incomprehensible. This does not mean that he is unknowable, but that he is unable to be fully known. it is the joyful duty, the delightful task of his children to send their lives, both this one and the next, discovering who he is."

Knowing who God is leads us to rest.

Our lives are designed to be all about Him, and when we get that right, we get everything right. 


Because of grace,

Some of the thoughts for this post first appeared on Instagram on February 20, 2019.

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