Grilled Gouda, Ham, and Apple Sandwiches

January 10, 2013

For The Love Of Cheese Series | What do you do when you have a wine and cheese party, and have several blocks of decadent cheeses leftover? Fontina, Gruyer, Jarlsberg, Chevre?

I hope to share a few cheesy recipes in the coming weeks, but today, I'm sharing a super simple combination for a fancy grilled cheese--the ultimate comfort food. This sandwich would be even better on sliced artisan, rustic, or sourdough loaf. I didn't have anything but whole wheat sandwich bread, so that's what we used.

Gouda, ham, and apple sandwiches

What you need:

sliced bread butter, coconut oil, etc. sliced gouda slices of ham (or bacon!) apple slices

Grilled Gouda, Ham, and Apple Sandwiches |

Just a tip...I love to layer gouda, then apple, then ham, then another thin layer of everything sticks together nice and gooey. :)

Yummy with a bit of dijon...perhaps some apricot or fig preserves? Delish. Try it with my homemade tomato basil soup! Comfort food, elevated. Enjoy!

Grilled Gouda, Ham, and Apple Sandwiches |


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