8 Possible Reasons To Stop Reading My Blog

1. If God is not honored in the words that are written.

2. If reading my blog keeps you from taking care of your home or family.

3. If you leave discouraged, rather than encouraged to embrace the life you’ve been given.

4. If your kids are watching their third hour of television because you are on the computer.

5. If you consider me your only friend :), aka {you are satisfied to have only online relationships, and aren’t working to cultivate meaningful relationships within your community.}

6. If your husband feels like you are married to the internet, and not him.

7. If you know me in “real life” and I am not living out the words I write.

8. If reading this blog takes the place of you seeking true encouragement from the Word of God.

I’m so blessed that you stop by here, and read the daily postings at GraceLaced. In a time when there are thousands and thousands of blogs to choose from, I am honored that you make this a blog you visit. There is an infinite number of “good” resources, inspiring blogs, and helpful websites, but sometimes the "good" can keep us from the "best." I grow ever-convicted of the need to be wise with my time, discerning in what I read, and conscious of how I’m feeding my soul.

It is my desire that GraceLaced be a place of refreshment, inspiration, honesty, and a deliberate pointing Christ-ward. These things must be at the heart of every post, or this blog would not be laced with Grace...the true grace of God!

Thank you for reading GraceLaced. I pray that all who read are blessed for Christ’s glory, and are spurred on towards greater faithfulness in receiving and displaying the marvelous grace of our God.

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